Zero Mile started as an experiment.

It was born by making great coffee for friends and family. It was ignited through the frustration of finding quality coffee, consistently. It launched with a commitment to sustainability, creativity, relationships and giving back. And it is taking off with a focus on starting over. Let’s start something together, and let’s start it here. This is Zero Mile.



We only partner with sustainability stress-tested partners to import raw green coffee.

Our valued customers are provided the highest quality roasted coffee in the most timely and informed manner possible. Our sustainable green coffees are always the finest green beans from around the world. We take pride in our service quality and look forward to continuing that tradition with our current and future partners.

The modern usage of Sustainability comes down to three interconnected issues: Ecological, Social, and Economical.  All three elements must be supported for any activity to be truly sustainable. Miss one leg of the three-leg table, and the table falls over. Miss the ecological, and land suffers. Miss the social and the people’s quality of life deteriorates. Miss the economical, and the people cannot make a livelihood.

Our standards include those set forth by all of the following recognized sustainability organizations.

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Why Zero Mile?

This Zero Mile Post marks the Southeastern Terminus of the Western and Atlantic Railroad, about which a settlement grew and eventually became Atlanta. This railroad, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, was built, and still is owned by the State of Georgia. It was authorized by the State Legislature December 21, 1836. The route was surveyed by Colonel Stephen Harriman Long, Chief Engineer, May 12, 1837 to November 3, 1840. Construction began March, 1838.
The original terminus was between the present Forsyth and Magnolia Streets. It was moved here in 1842. The settlement which sprang up was called Terminus. It was incorporated as the town of Marthasville, December 23, 1843. The name was changed to Atlanta, December 29, 1847. It was incorporated as the City of Atlanta, December 29, 1847, with corporate limits extending one mile in every direction from the State Depot which was between here and what is now Pryor Street.
The railroad placed mile posts beginning here in 1850. A new City Charter approved February 28, 1874 redefined the corporate limits as a circle one mile and a half in every direction from this mile post.

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