One of our co-founders (Mason) has a son named Milo. It was discovered shortly after Milo was born, that he had a tremor. After a long journey of medical testing, it was determined that Milo had an incredibly rare random mutation of the gene STXBP1. Only about 300 people in the world are known to have this condition! This mutation typically causes severe seizures that can lead to brain damage and drastic developmental delays. Despite these roadblocks, Milo is one of the most happy and energetic little boys you will ever meet. He is such a joy to be around and his smile and laugh are so contagious! Milo has a long hard journey ahead of him, but we have a feeling he’ll be making quite an impact in his time. Due to the rarity of STXBP1, research is sparse and fairly new. We have identified a trial backed by The Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) to which we proudly support. To learn more go to

Tasting notes: Melon, peach licorice, sweet tomato, fruit candy, sugary

Origin: Kenya

Region: Kiambu County Yadini Estate

Whole or Ground Bean:
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